so…. recently, or actually ever since my blog(s) were re-opened i’ve recieved several enquiries regarding my blogging so i thought i’d just say it right here. mostly because my won’t let me reply questions GAH.

Q1 : Why are you not posting as much as you used to? i liked reading your old posts!
simply because i got into the habit of NOT blogging. it’s hard to start up again. and also because i have a twitter, everything is now bite sized.

Q3 : Do you blog anywhere else other than mytidalwaves.lj?
i currently use waxedwings.wordpress and intend to move there permanently because it’s stupid to run 2 blogs + i feel mtw.lj has run it’s course and it’s time i ditched this stinkhole. i still prefer livejournal though wordpress is a bit of a hassle

Q4 : what’s with the lame posts now.
sorry, i broke my leg last year so it’s sorta transcended to my blogging.

yea. that’s the gist of it since most of the questions are more or less the same. to my livejournal friends, i bid you adieu as a move on to as of now. see you on the dark side!


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