hyperbole and half

studying design means that you can’t just -cough- TYPE stuff out. it means you gotta TYPOGRAPH-ize till your screen catches fire. and possibly your eyes too. it feels strange writing good stuff about myself. i feel like i’m selling myself. i feel cheap.

can one become a job-whore?

picture credit : Hyperbole and a Half


3 thoughts on “AUGH

  1. Hi Wei Shi,

    Missed skyping you last night ‘cos we were out and didn’t have our laptops. You writing your resume for High Achievers? Anway, think of it as self-introduction, not selling yourself, la! People need to know who you are and the company would benefit if they can the right persn for the job. So a resume, is giving people the kind of info they need to make the right decidions on who they should hire. So you should always give true facts (sounds familiar?) about a yourself, so they can do that.

    We had a nice day today. Hope to catch you later before you go to school.


    1. Yea it was my resume for High Achievers. but i checked my timetable and it seems like i can’t work after May because i double lessons for the next 2 blocks. will talk to Sean about it. i stayed up till 3am last night waiting for you guys to come online (and worked on my resume while waiting) till i saw your email to me.
      i might be staying over at Amandas this weekend, since korkor’s not gonna be around. hope you guys have adjusted to the time difference.

      and one for the road, TRUFAX TRUFAX TRUFAX!

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