Everyone’s life is a work in progress. People’s lives resemble movies or songs, and they are not even necessarily exactly as the maker of the art piece wants them to be. Sometimes they have an unfitting element, or an off key note. But the peculiar aspect of lives is that you cannot go back and change anything, once it becomes part of the piece. So if someone comes to you and criticizes you because something you did in the past, you can tell them that you also wish that that part would have been different. But someday, trust me, someday you will meet someone who will accept the entire piece as it is, and will think it is beautiful as it is, even if you yourself have your doubts.


One thought on “sky

  1. You are so right. God already does accept us lock, stock and barrel. And we can be thankful that there will be people who comes along in our lives and look at us as WIP and love us for all the bruises, lameness, scars we have, embrace us and our imperfections, and even help us make something good out of them.

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