this is my life.

This past few days have been rather interesting. so I thought i’d document it all out. beware – content may cause one to seriously consider the possibility that I am mentally challenged of some sort.

I assure you I am not.
I think.

(mostly with images since I’m just that lazy)

Out to Henderson whachamacallit at idek what time. it was a big humid, a bit gross, a bit tiring but what’s not to love about long car rides eh?

needless to say, I knocked out upon getting back.

took photos for the TP vball guys team. it was pretty fun. sports photog is fun because you get to capture the FUNNIEST faces /actions.Photobucket

OBVIOUSLY i’m a pretty bad photographer, so with the help of my NEW Adobe CS5 Photoshop program, I managed to salvage some of the shots. yay me
Below: the name of this file is LOLwz_beforeafter.jpg. (spot the difference!)

the interesting thing about posting an album on Facebook is the responses.
Sh: hi 5!
WZ: break dancing hor.. mai siao siao.. haha

KW: “smthn smthn pang tan smthn smthn”
Me: “what’s pang tan?”
S: “google it.”


decided to trick my twitter friends by twitpic-ing “Everyone, meet my BF”
and posting this…

(the reactions were so entertaining. that’s Yunho of DBSK, from south korean /japanese boyband. i cant remember which country their originally hail from.)

this happened cuz  I was chatting with Huiying about I-don’t-even-remember-what when suddenly DBSK wallpapers started circulating and this was mine for all but 3 minutes. Cute, no? (for the record, I don’t listen to DBSK. SuperJunior \m/)

strangely enough. almost all of these images can be found on Facebook, which i’ve also been surprisingly frequent on these few days. then again, i can’t say life has been 100% normal recently. okay i know my life is never ‘normal’ but it really has been ab-normal. kthxbye


2 thoughts on “this is my life.

  1. oooo yunho looks fly.
    still, i dont get what is pang tan?

    and i love your fonts can? i’m gonna type here instead of my own blog.

    yeah baby.

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