this hurts to look at

AP Photographer Charlie Riedel just filed the following images of seabirds caught in the oil slick on a beach on Louisiana’s East Grand Terre Island. As BP engineers continue their efforts to cap the underwater flow of oil, landfall is becoming more frequent, and the effects more evident.


this makes me so scared.

comment by J Adams:

I live here, south of New Orleans (Barataria), and first:
The bird pictures you see are not just the same pics of 2 birds, more than 200 have already been discovered, “alive”. More are dead.
Sea Turtles large and small are being “skimmed” along with ther oil crap. Bunches of turtles “belly up” , dead. Dolphins washed up on the beach , dead all black and coated with oil that makes them almost look fake.
Second: The oil has not stopped coming in because it is still blowing out of the well, so this “tragedy”, “disaster”, “problem”, “nightmare” or whatever you want to call it is still in it’s process. The outcome of this has not been seen yet. Not only are the fishermen without a job and livelyhood now, but also the charter boats, restraunts, offshore supply companies, fuel dock companies, transport boats, and the resort areas. This is going to create again a mass exodus from Southern Louisiana because of job loss.
Third: DO not believe that what you are given via video, photo or statement are the truth. It is a scrutinzed feed for the rest of the country. Just as with Katrina, they try their best to NOT put the whole situation if front of millions of people so that it can be controlled, aka not as bad as it looks. (Sorry to tell all of you, but it is worse)

Fourth: When they say “oil is coming ashore”, for us it has been doing it for 3+ weeks and not just those little globs but a complete and wide, thick coating of more than 100 miles across. But now that “resort” states:
Mississippi for it’s casinos, Alabama for it Dauphin Isl. Naval area and Florida for it’s beaches, are all getting ready for what we have endured for 6 weeks, the rest of the country is now hearing and seeing a little more: Hence the reason for Pres to be back here today. Deja Vu to G Bush in Katrina world: “We will not leave until the job is done”, sure……..



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