Share the good things..


Dear Salmons,

Just this past Monday I met Mel for dinner and from those past 4 hours I’ve not been able to stop thinking about you guys. Well, the whole 5-day in general, but mostly you 8.

I miss you guys. Well, a little bit less for Steve since I get to see him more (still love you very much, Steve!). I went through our Five Day photos thrice today in school and I wanted to share the memories so badly with someone but couldn’t and felt really sad about it. But I guess that’s the beauty of the Five Day, right? It’s this complicated secret. You want to share with EVERYONE what you’re going through, because it’s a good thing, but can’t because unless you’re in on it, you wouldn’t understand. But at the same time it’s not something you want to keep to yourself (I mean, something so amazing can’t be kept for yourself only, right? I guess with regards to this you could say, share the good things, keep the best.

It was pretty crazy, seeing Mel sitting across me telling me how everyone was doing and what she was up to. There was no stop to the conversation and it didn’t seem weird at all that we were sharing stuff (p.s. Mel contact me I wanna ask you some stuff regarding your working with special needs kids<3) that mostly closer friends do, considering how I’d only known her for 7 days (in real life) before. It made me really, REALLY miss you guys. It still baffles me how I can know you guys for such a short time, yet be able to trust you in a heartbeat. There are people I’ve known for a lifetime that I still find difficult to trust :/

How’s everyone been? It’s been about six months since we last met (well, at least for the Singaporeans) and I really want to catch up with you all!

As of now, I’ve been consciously trying to attain a habit of using affirming words (the most common being “fantastic” for obvious reasons =o] ) and disciplining myself to finish all my schoolwork before the weekends strike + I picked up journalling again! Hopes of being a writer are restored and really happy about it. That’s just for my life as of now. You guys drop me a message / email / comment okay? I’m determined to keep you guys as close as possible till I see you again.

Virtual Hugs for everyone!



I went through the cards again. you people are amazing.

[p.s. this is here just for memoirs sakes. I always have had this fear that Facebook will crash one day. original]


2 thoughts on “Share the good things..

  1. I miss everyone to!!! But me especially Steve, my amazing buddy!!! 🙂

    Completely agree, i want to share so badly with someone about the photos and 5day, but i cant, and being in Melbourne i dont even get to see you guys that often.
    Share the good things, keep the best. I like that Weishi. 🙂

    Yeah me too weishi, i trust you guys so much more than i do with so many people i’ve known for years, just goes to show what an amazing experience 5 day is, and how it brings people so much closer in such a short amount of time. I would really love for my friends to go through empower U and 5day, just to be able to get that trust and connection between us, it makes friendships so much stronger.

    I’ve been doing great, been at school, and work, and dancing. And going to allstars when i can. How about you? Anything exciting happening? Are you coming to next 5day? Cos i am, and it would be awesome if you were as well 🙂 I really want to catch up with everyone as well!!! 6 months has gone so so fast.

    I need to start using more affirming words. Been having some troubles at home lately, so affirming words would really help. You use “fantastic” do you have any other ones that you use a lot? i just really need a positive hit!!! Like an epic dance session or something :p And definitely disciplining myself to finish homework before the weekend. I’ve been getting so slack, its terrible!
    What kind of journalling do you do? I think you would be a great writer 🙂

    So that’s all from me, ill post this on facebook as well, incase people don’t come onto this website. But everyone should comment and let us know how your going, i miss you all epically!!!! Yes i think we should stay as close as possible via the internet (such an great invention :p)

    Hugs for everyone! 🙂
    Oh and the photos are great 🙂
    I love you all ❤

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