back in time

sierra lode runner video game

Did anyone else play this computer game when they were in primary school? (If you’re my age, then it would be about 10 years ago.) It’s Sierra’s Lode Runner. I remember playing this at Alexi’s place. there were 5 of us and we would rotate,
each feeling that his / her 5 minutes was too short and the waiting time, too long.

Lode Runner: The Legend Returns, has an exciting single player game. It contains 150 levels across Ten Underground Zones. Some of the levels rival Myst in their brain twisting and insanity. You play as either Jake Peril or Wes Reckless, adventurers intent on returning the treasures of their people to where they belong.

Uh, when you’re 8 all that mattered was I was always the ‘white guy’ and all I had to do was “shoot the monk! just shoot the monk then climb over him and get the gold!”

If we say any of the above mentioned now, things could get nasty.


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