From The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose
How fantastic are these! Oh it’ll be great if i had nine on my wall, wouldn’t it? They have heaps of animals, including anacondas, geese and camels (to which LY asked, “how do they get a camel in a studio?!”)

If you, my nice handsome pretty kind hearted person reading my blog, decide that you have some money to burn bless with, I’d happily accept ANY of the listed animals. except rabbits. because rabbits are not animals, they are little demons in white fur (i know this for a Fact because I can see the evil in their flaming red eyes.)

(please note that the last picture is NOT for sale on Animal Print Shop, and is simply a poorly edited picture by me. Also, the red of the font is the red of that little freak’s eyes. O_O)


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