Dear Sun,

Moon here, what’s up? You’ve been looking good, have you been losing helium? I’ve been doing well, just the usual I guess… changing tides, getting howled at and the like. You know, you’d think after being around for so long people would find something else other than cheese…. seriously now, why cheese? Something not dairy based and preferably not edible as well would be awesome, thanks.

Anyway, I guess there is really no need to ask how you are; you’re always great. Center of attention, incredibly hot, not to mention all that energy you have… it is no wonder people worship you.

I guess you don’t really know what its like to be me. To have your entire existence resolve around something else, to have your importance lessened by bigger things around you. To only be as important as a reflection of light that’s not even your own. You’ve never been anything but a star, what do you know about being dull like me?

Let me tell you… it sucks. I’m so tired of constantly being overshadowed and being second best. I’m really jealous of you, actually. I wish I were you. For once, I want to know what it’s like to shine, completely on my own. I want a day of the week dedicated to me. I want to be a god. I guess I just hate that without you, I don’t matter to people. You don’t really need me, but I need you, and that hurts.

But it’s okay… I suppose it’s just not written in the stars for me. I guess I’m still celestial, so it could always be worse. I just want something more.

Well anyway, sleep tight. I’ll catch you later

~ Moon

* * * * * * *

Dear Moon,

You don’t get it do you? How can I be the Sun without the Moon?

Of course I need you.

~ Sun



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