Asking for the Sea

Water. There’s just something about it that really appeals to me. Some of my favourite quotes, photos and places are all related to water or water-bodies somehow. Most of my favourite animals are marine creatures. There are the usual cliche reasons such as how it can be something so gentle when held in your hands yet so powerful that it can break dams, feed nations, extinguish fires, flood. Then there are the reasons which I’ve thought of over the course of time-when-I-have-nothing-to-do-but-think. How it’s blue, how it goes on forever and ever if you’d let it, how the exact same thing that can wash and hydrate you clean can kill you off.

We studied the water cycle in primary 3. I can’t remember much (though I was The Science Genius in class for that whole year. I got an average of 98% for the entire year’s exams) about how it works but I do remember being absolutely fascinated with the idea that the sea was in the sky, when all I saw was the sky reflected in the sea. Of course, I learnt the proper definitions and how it really worked, but at 19 I still like to imagine God picking up the sea like how one picks up a piece of cheese and placing it in the grater, then with a quick flick of His wrist, the sea-cheese gets grated into rain drop shredded cheddar. But enough of that.

Water is the best companion. It doesn’t talk much and always keeps it’s cool.


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