My God

is an awesome God. Sometimes(okay, most of the time) I don’t understand what He’s getting at, like why he placed me where he placed me, and why he placed me there. I don’t deny wishing sometimes for a different school, different abilities, different circumstances, different family, different friends. Different me.

But in the past month (yes, I do realize that November is only 12 days old) He’s thrown so many things my way, leaving me exhausted and exhilarated (and sometimes a little grumpy). I’ve cried, laughed and prayed harder than ever.

Things that shouldn’t have happened, happened.
Death and the life that comes out of it.
Love and the pain that results from it.

In the past month, every thing that I wished was different about me was put aside as I started focusing on God and His plans. All that I thought was important was challenged, forcing me to step back and take a look at The Big Picture. See, His plans are like that of a ginormous painting. When up close all you see is a bunch of swishes and swirls, but when you step back (or if, like me, you get pushed back) and take another look, you realize that those blobs of blue are sky, that everything is essential in the big picture.

He has a master plan.


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