This is Abbygail. This photo was taken during my birthday party this earlier this year, and promptly after taking photos we both started eating the m&ms off my cookie-cake like there was no tomorrow. I think they caught that moment on camera, I secretly hope so hurr hurr.

Abby(gail) has always been someone I admired. She’s a bit goofy, a bit strange and likes Taylor Swift songs a *bit* too much. She’s studying to be a lawyer but is most likely going to end up riding horses on some range in Texas till she’s 80. Abby is the strongest girl I’ve ever met, and the events that have occured this november has been more than enough proof as to why.

Last week Abby was diagnosed with cancer. Now this is something one would normally consider devastating and horrific. The first thing that came to my mind was “this is supposed to happen to other people, those you read about in magazines. I’m not actually supposed to KNOW anyone with cancer!”. But despite the initial shock and tears, from the very beginning there was a deep sense of peace in me. I was not worried about Abby. I wish I could describe her to you (if you didn’t already know her). You know those stories of shark-attack / leukemia survivors you read about in Readers Digest? Their friends and family always describe them as ‘strong’ and ‘brave’ etc. I’ve been reading Readers Digest since I was eight (OKAY I started reading only the jokes section first) and after close to 150 magazines later I’m ready to puke cliches.

But you know, with Abby, she’s every single one of those descriptions. And more, because she’s not living bravely knowing she’s gonna die. She’s living bravely with the hope and faith that God’s going to heal her and make her a testimony to others. She’s so brave that even her “fear” in itself is a kind of bravery. I’m almost glad that it was you and not anyone else who has to go through this, Abbz. You’re such a fighter.


To all : I will be her P.A. till further notice (since I highly doubt she’ll be able to answer calls for awhile ha ha) you can contact me for info on her surgery / visiting hours. Text / email me if you want updates!
Also, don’t forget to check out for her journey with cancer.


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