On my way home from DTE’s McCafe, I witnessed a very strange boy doing very strange things. Going to launch into a monologue mode now, hopefully I tell the story well…

First thing I saw was that he was eating the (Macdonalds) curry sauce out of the pot with a finger (the way I eat peanut butter out of the jar) and really, really enjoying it. After about 3 minutes of ensuring that every atom of the sauce was eliminated from the container, he dumped everything into the plastic bag… turned around to face the fencing (idk how to explain it, but basically there are some bushes and fencing that surround the perimeter of DTE) and glanced at me. I looked away out of awkwardness and saw, out of the corner of my eye, him ~Letting Go~ of the plastic bag to drop it into the bushes! Stupid boy, there were at least 10 people standing nearby, facing you! Ha ha ha. Anyway he then walked away, avoiding eye contact.

5-ish minutes later, he walks back, sipping on soymilk (from 7-eleven, I think?) and ~MAGICALLY~ finds the trash bin to throw the carton away. He stands by the trashbin for damn long, and I see him pick up someone else’s discarded cigarette (the kind people dump halfway because their bus arrived) and starts smoking it! A FOURTEEN YEAR OLD BOY IS SMOKING SOMEONE’S DISCARDED VIRGINIA SLIM (“lady ciggs”). Super weird. He smokes it away happily then after finishing it he starts slumping against the pillar (too light headed from all that deep breathing?)  and then his bus arrives and he glances one more time at me (totally judging him by now) and gets on the bus in his greasy hair and fugly crocs.

End of story. Have a nice day.


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