Wizdum toof nu moar

This is what I felt like this morning:

After hours of drilling and shots of novocain, I can’t feel my face at all. Or my throat.
This is what I feel like right now:

Or possibly this one:

I extracted one tooth last year in August and it barely hurt (I went for a gig and had mcnuggets within the day and performed a skit in 4 days), but apparently my right tooth was a LOT more determined to stay. The dentist had to drill it into 4 pieces (as opposed to the usual 2-3). I’ve been drooling all over my desk and coffee tumbler. It’s pretty gross. The anesthetic has since worn off, and I AM FEELING DA PAIN. Can’t open my mouth to eat anything beyond minuscule spoonfuls of soup. I keep tasting blood. I am a savage beast.

My food for the next few days. Sliced up sliced bread =o[

I can’t even smile properly. I tried reeeally hard to just now, when I saw a friend. It just came out as a very arrogant looking smirk ha ha. So if you’re the kind of person who gets hurt really easily, don’t talk to me for the next 5 days, my speech will be incomprehensible and my face, impassive to all that you say.

Despite all of this trauma I am experiencing, I’m still going to school tomorrow, and work over the weekends.
Why? Because I’M HARDCORE (click that link. you won’t regret it)

Though I wish with that it was my drawings you just saw, they were all done by Hyperbole and a Half.


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