20 things to do with your A level results slip

1- use it as tissue paper when watching The Notebook
2- fold paper aeroplanes, have a competition who can hit closest to the principal’s right nostril
3- crush it into a ball, play soccer
4- or volleyball
5- write a secret love letter and mail it to your secret crush [possible problem. your name will be on the slip]
6- 1,2,3 COMMIT! [only the A-team will know ha ha]
7- learn how to fold a paper cow.
8- chew gum. spit it in. throw away.
9- frame it up and mount it on your wall. show all your kids your sole A1. tell them to ignore the F9
10- toast it. eat with peanut butter and jelly
11- use as an umbrella when it rains
12- sleep with it. count number of drool drops in the morning
13- use it as an oil blotter
14- go to the edge of a high cliff, let it fly with the wind with tears in your eyes [a la Memoirs Of A Geisha]
15- go to the airport and when asked for your plane ticket, scream “dont you know who i think i am?! i got three A1s! i must go to London to find my lover and let him know this fabulous news!”
16- put it in an angpow and give it to a stranger. snigger and run away
17- dollop glue, walk up to the person you dislike and paste in on their face.
18- fold it into a gun. watch Ju-On. whenever the ghost comes out, scream “bang! bang!” and shoot it down.
19- tear holes in it. wear it like a mask and make like Zorro.
20- take it with you into your cupboard. come out screaming “LOOK WHAT I FOUND IN NARNIA!!”

Wrote this on my livejournal 2 years ago, and am re-posting for a certain friend of mine who’s getting her results next week. For what it’s worth, I’m sure you worked super hard for this. Keeping you in my prayers!


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