SHSS related tweets — A compilation

So someone, somewhere, decided to start a school-based tweet war in which you start tweeting about your secondary school and tagging it accordingly. The following are tweets by me, I had to censor some in case they Google and find my blog, if you’re a true blue Hildan you’d know exactly who I’m referring to. Enjoy.

[via mytidalwaves]

What’s up with the JTP and TKG spamming?! ST. HILDA’S! REPRESENT! We have bubbles on our skirt and a principle that calls us ‘choo-ren’ okay


Going up to J- L-, saying ‘ding dong’ and running like hell when he tries to kiss you #SHSS

The volleyballers having self-assigned tables which everyone else avoids like the plague #SHSS

People getting angsty about the volleyballers having 4pages in the school magazine when all the other CCAs only get half a page. #SHSS

3 words. T-y. Chye. Hu-t. #SHSS

Prawn Mee store riots on wednesdays. Kuay Chap on mondays. #SHSS

Taking 30minutes to get to the computer lab from the classroom on the same floor. #SHSS



Greeting Mr. Gopal with a salute and “heil Hitler”. #SHSS

Getting caught every. damn. day. for having a third ear-stick. #SHSS

@ductapelove It’s this thing that’s rampaging twitter right now. All the schools are reminiscing ha ha.

Ms. L-m being forever alone. #SHSS

Teachers turning off the hall fans to punish us for being talkative #SHSS

Okay, @sanmooer is scolding already. Last one, promise.

@sanmooer YOU ALSO JOINED IN WTH still scold me!

@sanmooer I don’t care I’m going to continue with at least 3 more. ha ha @rossbabyy she was NEVER young! ha ha

Calling classmates by their fathers names #SHSS #Sec5kids


Mixing every. damn. thing. together in the beaker during chem class #SHSS #5A

singing MaMeMoo during english lessons to frustrate Cala-s #SHSS

Eating the potato you  just injected with chemicals #SHSS

Standing during assembly when we forget our songbooks for morning Singspiration. #SHSS

Tearing the songbooks in half to share so no one has to stand. Get caught. ALL STAND. #SHSS

Singing morning hyms Opera-style a la Mdm Wong. #SHSS

Okay I’m really sorry about that. I swear I’m not a spammer. I’m done now @sanmooer


Part 2. like a bosss

RT @bjornang Art room is where we chill. #shssfacts

Calling Mr. Philip “Fat Phil” to his face. #shssfacts


Sweet-talking your councillor friends to stealing/borrowing ties on monday (I have 4!). Ditto songbooks. #shssfacts

DOUBLE SIDED TAPE nametags #shssfacts

Whether in primary or secondary school, you never are around to enjoy the new building #shssfacts

Half day = who gives a shit about school I’mma sleep day #shssfacts

Fiona Xie is our alumni, embarrassing sia #shssfacts

Unlocked just for this. I can’t believe I’m engaging in this frivolous tweet-trend.

Flashback to Azfar spilling purple dye on @bjornang ‘s batik a month before submission

Folding socks. Get caught. Buy new socks #shssfacts

Trading embroidered namatags. How popular you were was defined by how many of your friends nametags you had in your wallet #shssfacts

Public apologies for not tucking in shirts during after-school hours #shssfacts

Of course, @RyanTannn tapering his long pants so much he couldn’t fit his foot through, and had to DIY cut a slit.

I will never run out of these facts because I was in that damn school for 11 years (primary school included) so I shall stop here. Bye.


Ha ha, 11 years worth @famousbeer @mytidalwaves your shss tweets damn damn funny!


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