Why do people keep trying to fix hatred with hatred?

how long does it take for people to realize that it does not work? is everyone truly that ignorant? I ran across this girl’s Tumblr and it looks like she has a whole pack of girls that are all blatantly expressing their hatred towards gays, african americans, asians, overweight people, etc and yeah it’s one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever seen. She’s so young and so filled with hatred. I honestly feel sorry for her. Everyone on this site boasts about understanding each other and accepting people for their differences, and yes there will always be people that disagree. Always. Just like I disagree with some of you and some of you disagree with me. But how does that even give someone the right to attack them for a disagreement? I see this happen during any sort of fight for “rights”. The slavery/racism issue for example. Racism will always exist unfortunately, but you can’t fight racism with more racism. I knew a girl who happened to be african american. Honestly she hated me and it was just because I was white. But you know what I did. I loved her anyway. I smiled when I passed her in the hall, I was kind to her, and I respected her in every way I could, etc. 4 years later and we were great friends. I guarantee you if I had treated her the same way she treated me that we’d still even hate each other. You never show someone your side by attacking them. You love them and you respect them even if you disagree with everything they believe in. Just try it. Please for the sake of all things good. I’m all about speaking your mind but don’t attack people for it. it does not do anything good but create more tension and more hatred. I promise you that by attacking someone that disagrees with you will never penetrate your message into their mind. it’s a complete waste of time to attack someone when all it does is cause more tension and hatred down the road. it is truly a shame that we have lost respect for each other as human beings. truly a shame.



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