5 things you need not know about me (but I’m going to list anyway)

— I love dogs. Have loved them since I was 4 and got attacked by one (yes, I was a strange kid). I can identify and inform about over 500 breeds. My favourite breeds are the Tibetan Spaniel/Mastiff, Komondor, Old English Sheepdog and Welsh Corgi Pembroke. I favour gun and herding dogs over non-sporting ones.

— The first “serious book” I ever read was I Am David by Anne Holm (who shares the same birthday as me) at age 10. It’s been 9 years and it’s still one of the best books I’ve ever read, it has shaped me to have a sense of empathy and need for fight for justice on behalf of the poor and uneducated.

— As of 2011, I’d have played volleyball for 8 years. It is the only sport I’ve ever seriously played. While I find myself getting bored of it, I do not believe that I can ever truly give it up. That said, I wish to pick up a new sport by 2012. Possibly martial arts or kick-boxing. Before I played volleyball, I was in my school’s chinese-dance team and captain of the cheerleading squad.

— My favourite colour is blue (my name in chinese means Azure sky / creator of poetry). It used to be a green before I turned 17, EVERYTHING I HAD was green. I think I wanted my hair to be green at some point too. Navy /Prussian rule my world now (and it shows in my wardrobe ha ha), though I have been acquiring a taste for yellow in recent months.

— I’m scared of heights. Even low ones. Every time I do high-elements I always think I will overcome it but it’s been 6 years since I started and I still get terrified. It’s not something I’m proud of (not particularly a fan of making everyone wait for me to finish freaking out before they can get to taking the course) but it’s something that I’ve yet to be able to overcome. I’m not scared of heights per se, I’m scared of falling.


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