As an artist, you always want to be original. But can you really be original? I guess the concern is not so much that other people will copy you… but that you are copying someone without even realizing it. Although you’d like to hope that nobody will or ever have existed quite like you… that you have something new to say or show everyone, while at the same time this artistic aspiration makes you feel disconnected and lonely. But considering the numerical facts regarding the earths’ past and future population… your hope as an artist and worst fear as a human being, that you are different than everyone else, is very likely to leave you disappointed. You are probably very much like someone else. Maybe like everyone else. But you can use that point of realization to ground yourself in humility, and in the understanding that perhaps the aim is not to be different than other people, but to have a sense of connection with the people who adore your art; with other people who also feel alone and different, just like you.


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