Not too bad considering how I’ve never tasted this kind of positioning in a non-Hildan team before. The trainings/games/late-night Milo-Dinos were certainly worth it all. (Almost) every game was well played and the joy of playing with this team is something I definitely miss about volleyball. How we’d all constantly be yelling at each other, getting angry at referees (whoops), and all gathering for a team-hug at every point won was so… satisfying. I dare say it’s been ages since I last felt this kind of energy from any one team I’ve been in. Where every single person is highly committed (some even fainting from lack of sleep/food) and despite the major age-gap/current positions in life, able to play as one. When I’d leave the court half-dead and dripping but never feeling more alive.

Okay, getting a bit melodramatic here. I really AM sad this season is over. Can’t wait for SHA 2012!


Been doing a bit of blog-stalkinghopping recently and found several girls who’re athletes. I feel like I’ve been extremely undedicated to my sport after reading their posts, where every-single-one is about “training this training that, better tomorrow, need to rest up for training tmr…etc” and I’m just here like “lalala okay eat chocolate and prosper! whoohoo”. I just counted and realized I’ve been in this scene for 8 years now. Not too bad considering I was so uncoordinated as a kid my elders suspected that I was mentally damaged (no joke here). It’s been pretty thrilling/boring/tiring/edifying. 8 years worth of sprained ankles, loose wrists and busted knees. 8 years and having only allowed one family member and >5 friends being allowed to watch my games. Whoo dee hoo (I just re-read what I typed and realize I make no sense whatsoever. good grief.)
8 years later an I’ve finally seen some kind of end in sight in this aspect of my life. Not entirely, but significantly. Thoughts of taking on a new sport (99.99% chance that it’ll be a solo one) have been pulling at my brain-strings these few months, but until I begin it furrealz, I’m not gonna say anything about it. Pretty psyched about starting a solo sport.

On to the next(and final) season of my TPVB career.

From our one and only post-game pig out sesh. 5 girls, 10 servings of sashimi ++. I can safely say everyone (but me) developed a slight phobia of japanese cuisine since.


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