I’m picking up the phone and putting down this pen
To let you know I’m writing you again
But it’s not the same the names have all changed
And my best friend and ex boyfriend aren’t to blame
I did this myself it’s a sick cry for help
But it doesn’t mean the situation’s clean
Additional stress that will come from the press
The mess I made putting my life on parade
Now the writers can say “we were right all along
You can’t make someone love you with your songs”

And you don’t know me
But you owe me
A little time to find some piece of mind
And when you hold me
I’m not so lonely
It will be difficult to leave this life behind

My sister always said that hardships come in two’s
A funeral and break up afternoon
There is really no good time for anyone to leave
In a couple weeks I’ll get my chance to grieve
And hopefully by then my mind will be all clear
And I can cry for the reasons that I’m there
Not for the all things that are happening at home
The church was filled but I was still alone
But this is not a ploy to gain some sympathy
I made this bed and now it’s time to sleep

Its such a shame that the blame has somehow shifted to you
We’re both aware through the years that I’ve been messed up too
And I shouldn’t talk I should stop I’m digging deeper holes
It just feels strange that I sing songs for another boy


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