Back Home


3days, 3nights and I still don’t know what’s wrong with me but I DO know for a fact that home is not where my blankets are, but where my brother(s) (and their moms, ha ha) are. From “Take the painkillers you fool!” to “srzly you look stupid in the hospi clothes…why is it in pink?!” to “Why are you back at the hospi?! Is the doctor too cute or something?”. 8am phone calls (WHASSUP MA NIGGA!) with G C, Emoji conversations with Guk, Subway sandwiches snucked into my sleeping hands from the Ts, midnight files aptly titled “nigga.amr” and korkor + J mucking with the hospi bed till I was folded like a pretzel… The cherry to this cupcake was the 3boys crashing our house to watch Ant Bully, all the while laughing at how B looks like Lucas the Destroyer.

One would hardly believe that I’ve been in physical agony the past 3 days, given how emotionally edified I’ve been. fist bumps for everyone!


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