It’s a gym and we’re all rats


Why do we care so much about being embarrassed that it keeps us from doing the things that we want or should do? So what if somebody thinks we look silly doing something or disagrees with the way we do things. Chances are sooner or later we’ll do something embarrassing whether we like it or not. Why let something that is virtually inevitable hold us back from being who we want to be? We only get one life to do the things we want to do. Would life really be so bad if we did all of the things we wanted to and got made fun of for it some of the time? Does it matter that we impress those who would judge us if they knew we were different? A funny thing happens when people stop trying to be like everybody else and lives by the beat of their own drum. People start to look up to them. Want to be like them. They call them visionaries, rebels, geniuses, and mavericks. Some say these people have something special. That they are a rare breed. But little do they know that inside of them, something of equal beauty lives locked away because they are simply too embarrassed to let it out.


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