1—More time with God and Family
2—Learn how to change a diaper
3—Serve the homeless and urban poor
4—Compete in a MT competition
5—Make stuffed animals for kids (proper ones NOT sock-worms)
9—Write a book
10—Learn how to freestyle rap
11—Get at least 40 writing jobs
12—Get inked

2011 was phenomenal for me. I completed 6 major items on my Bucket List which included writing and printing a book, traveling alone and picking up (Thai) Boxing. Left an old wine skin only to fall completely in love with the new. Fell in love with God all over again and made some of the best friends I could ever ask for. Friends that called me names, told me up front when I was being a dumbass and never gave up (even when others I believed never would, did). Off the top of my head, this is what I intend to achieve outta this nu yeah. It’s not a very fancy list, I know. But it means something to me, and unlike last year’s resolutions, I put thought into making this a selfless 2012. HNY err’body.


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