Why I Haven’t Been Blog-active

I’ve been working.

I’ve been fighting.

I’ve been stuffing my face in salads

… Okay these are all very poor excuses. And honestly, I for one am sick of the fact that I dropped writing when FYP started and haven’t picked it up since. I’ve always considered writing to have been my main outlet for everything but it seems my brain died along with my social life these past 4 months. And it’s not gotten any better when school ended because project burnt such a large hole in my pocket that all I’ve been doing is trying to earn enough back to patch it up… and it’s resulted in a 5th month of absence from the world.

And I must admit, my computer time has been spent watching the Big Bang Theory and Skins. I breezed through about 2 seasons each, but was left feeling emptier than ever, reminding me why I stopped watching telly in the first place —it does nothing for a person.

That said, I’ve been enjoying my time back at the water park, and getting kicked to smithereens at the gym. Now to start writing and painting  like I said I would then maybe my blog wouldn’t be such a waste of cyber-space.

Till then.


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