1) After washing my hands, I always open toilet doors with only one finger so only that finger is contaminated.

2) Cockroaches and lizards don’t creep me out, but albino rabbits do

3) I like the idea of it, but shopping for clothes is not my thing. I’m still wearing jeans from when I was 14.

4) I like baking simply for the idea of it.

5) If I like a book, I will read it to pieces. Literally.

6) I have a thing for scented candles (someone once told me that this is the only sign that I’m a girl).

7) Full length mirrors always make me wanna do pirouettes.

8) I will never get tired of Westlife.

9) The thought of anyone moving my stuff without my knowledge makes me extremely uncomfortable.

10) I tend to squat in a “toad” position whenever I’m tired. This quirk disregards formality of situation.

11) I talk to myself *way* too often.

12) I tend to talk back to the characters in a movie.

13) I don’t like the cream in Oreos, I replace it with peanut butter instead.

14) The way I talk and laugh changes depending on who I spend more time with during that period.

15) I wake up in the oddest sleeping positions and I have no idea how I got there.


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