some nights.

Ever had one of those days when everything that could possibly bruise your spirit happens? One of those days that seems to last a week. Exhausted on every front, your mind everywhere but nowhere at the same time. You say you’re tired, but you know it’s more than that…you just can’t figure out what.

It’s the chill that stays in you when you transit from a cold room to the warm sun.
It’s the waxy shine that settles on your face when you couldn’t sleep the night before.
It’s the haze that clouds your tired eyes.
It’s the tingly fatigue that caffeine cannot cure.

You have a dinner appointment made awhile back tonight. The truth is you don’t really want to talk to, or even be around anyone. You want to go home, you want to be alone. But you meet him anyway, because you cannot find the energy to think up an excuse to bow out.

Ever had one of those nights when somehow, everything in the conversation just orientates itself in the right direction and you finally realize where you’ve gone wrong all this while? Friendships take work, yes, but they’re meant to edify more than they’re meant to wear out, and nights like these show you exactly why.

You squirm from refusing to accept the truth, and you agonize because you realize that a hurt that’s been acknowledged is not a hurt that’s been dealt with. Surface, surface, surface it all. Bring it to the Healer, and love again. It’s one of those nights when something sparks in you, something you didn’t realize you’d lost in the fire. Hope.

Well today was one of those days, and tonight was one of those nights.


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