hello my whaley friend

Screen shot 2013-04-07 at PM 08.00.25

Hi Q I miss you and I’m not usually this sappy (online at least, ha ha) but I really miss you. Today was one of those days, and all I really need is the person who’s seen every side of me yet still stuck around anyway. Someone who knows just what to say (that is to say, nothing) when I’m down and be glad for me when I laugh and occasionally scold me for being a dumbass (I usually deserve it.) When you get back we will eat cookies fresh out of the oven and laugh at the KY and you will get confused at the secret code he and I share and be convinced that it’s a poly-kid thing but we’ll just laugh at you and say it’s a “you” thing. Maybe we will watch Monsters vs. Aliens again and I will get annoyed because you’re laughing more than me and K is not laughing at all and we will throw cookies at him and set the dog on him. And your mom will sit us down to dinner so we can all laugh at how much she likes him hahahaha missyoo


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