When Love Takes You In.

I think I have forgotten, or at least have been distracted by all the many things that my Maker has given to me that I have forgotten my Maker.

When love takes you in, every thing changes

Was browsing some blogs/social media feeds of friends earlier today and found myself thinking about how different is the one who turns to God/goodness/positivity in their darkness to the one who turns to blame/pity.

My thoughts then turned to myself and my responses to the changes that Life has brought me, and my responses to them. And I realized how spoilt I am. How self-centered I have been.

Changes must be made.

There needs to be a balance struck between my “self-ly interests” (fights and the spending of colossal amounts of time and money on movies and coffee) and my “Godly interests” (kids, the poor, worship painting, etc) . There shouldn’t be a separation, I know. Changes need to be made on that aspect of my life too. My mind needs to make that shift from letting my lingering thoughts of fighting and romance (two things I’ve found to NOT sound good together) shift to remembering His word and holding it tightly in my heart.

When love takes you home and says “you belong here”

But as I write all this, Steven Curtis Chapman’s song is bellowing to my spirit. This is a Moment Made For Worshipping. Before I speak of being love to others, I need to sing love songs to my Saviour. Undying love songs that play through joy and pain. I want to scream laughter because my heart simply cannot take the joy. I want to dance with my Father in open fields and wild flowers (winks at you if you caught that reference). I want to hold His hand and embrace the peace that holds my heart. I want to fall in love over and over again, and spend days upon days in His presence. His paradise.

Yes, these are the desires of my heart.

When love takes you in, it takes you in for good


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