Mistakes (and forgiving them)

People make mistakes.

All the time.

Even when they’re doing things right, they’re doing things wrong. A man could be rallying thousands into a movement to end poverty in Africa but hurt his young daughter because he forgot her puppy’s birthday. A woman could be striving with all her soul to be the best mother she knows, and forgetting her best friend who was around before the children were. Even in nobility there are shortcomings.

People make mistakes, even when they try not to.

It’s easy to notice the big mistakes, especially if they’re by big people. Politicians, church leaders, parents, or even just peers we hold high regard for. As human as it is to know that people will always fail at some point, we can’t help but put your hopes in them anyway. But these people, they’re human too. And they fail. It usually hurts. A lot.

But does the fact that people disappoint mean that we give up on them? Do the flaws of several refute the existence of the the goodness even more carry? Is it really fair to write people off simply because they botch up?

“Oh, all men are like that.”
“Young people are all ignorant.”

You don’t give people a chance, you don’t look beyond the behavior to see the heart. It’s almost as if you want them to disappoint. When they succeed you disregard it, when they fail you say they had it coming. Bad stuff always happens to you, and when good stuff does all you think is that it will probably leave in awhile.

Well, maybe I’m not like that. Like you. Maybe I want to embrace the dirt as much as I embrace the light. Maybe I want to see the goodness instead of the bad, because I consider that the part of a person that is worth my time and energy. Maybe, just maybe, I want look at the potential, the future with anticipation instead of dread. To prepare myself for the onslaught of failures and pain with excitement because the coldest nights bring the brightest mornings.

Maybe I’m okay with people failing. With people being different. People with quirks that I don’t always understand or like because I embrace the individual wholly and not a sum of their “annoying traits”. Maybe I’m okay with mistakes even if they hurt me, because I know that I’ve made mistakes that hurt others before. And maybe I want to accept disappointment for the same reasons

Guess what, people make mistakes and NEWSFLASH: so do you. And if you took just three minutes to reconsider the fact that you have failed just as much as you’ve been failed then maybe you might realize that forgiveness and acceptance needs to be given as much as it needs to be received, you could be a much happier person.

*deep breath*

I know that I have been forgiven. And by His stripes I have been restored and accepted for all wrongs of the past and all faults in the future. I really just wish that you could accept the failings of others because yours already have been died for.


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