sit str8

My right shoulder has been killing me for the past week. The only other time I ever felt this level of pain was when we started doing bear crawls during BJJ/wrestling class. A few rounds of acupuncture and a conscious effort to re-rectify my posture did the trick (laptop usage really killlllllls my posture, gah). But since I started doing bag drills, the pain came back. Sharp, shooting pains from the nape of my neck to the end of my shoulder and down to my mid back. I knew how it happened, and so I kept trying to massage and stretch it out to the best of my ability, but nothing was working. Allan showed me a new (super weird) mobility magic way of stretching out today. It was mudskippingbadwordbadwordly painful to do that (he said it’s due to how tight my shoulder had gotten), but I feel so much better now. My hamstrings got a massive workout today to…and my quads… and my toes. Yes, my toes are aching. Walking feels foreign.

I love my sport.


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