So hardcore for what

T caught me dragging my feet last night.

We were headed to dinner and my legs were hurting so badly that even in my best efforts to mask it, she noticed the difference in my walk. I explained that I was trying to fix my knee “problems” by strengthening specific muscles, hence the ache. This was the second time I had my limping, aching legs observed by someone, the first was to M the night before. His response to things was simply “why would you subject yourself to this kind of pain? Shouldn’t exercise be fun?”. I was too tired to tell him that the pain was part of the fun + justify the fact that I wasn’t a masochist. Ha ha.

The joy of pain…It’s not something you can really explain to someone. Either they get it or they don’t. Muscle aches used to be something I would dread because it was a result of being too weak to handle the training, or the effect of not training. But now it’s something that I look forward(..?) to because it indicates that I pushed myself further, and am on the road to getting stronger. If you think about it, both perspectives on muscle aches are the same, but I personally prefer the latter. So even when my thighs are releasing venomous amounts of lactic acid the day after a tough session, I still find it in me to push forward. Hit harder, lift heavier, skip faster.

And I guess I’m kinda glad that this mindset has translated to other aspects of my life. The fatalistic approach I used to have towards relationships (“people will always disappoint”) or life situations (“when will this hell ever end?!”) are easier to manage, because I’m more likely to see the light at the end of the tunnel, or at least I can find it in me to keep walking until I see the light.

[insert long paragraph on the research done to support sports as a way to build mental fortitude blablabla]

That being said. Rest days are important too. My physical body was so exhausted yesterday, so I took the option of skipping out on the Wednesday night grind for dinner with T, and it was way more refreshing and strengthening than if I had “hardcore-ed” it out and gone for training. Yay #life

Edit:/ I sound so weird in this post do I do I sound weird I do I do.


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