i am just trying to be honest with myself

I want you to know that you will survive, but only if you are honest with yourself:

1. Life has hit me hard. I haven’t told anyone because I am suppose to be brave but I am petrified beyond belief. When you spill your body, it is hard to place it in its rightful place. God, I am scared.

2. Don’t be frightened of accepting yourself. You don’t have to label who you are or who you like. Just stop being so damn scared of falling in love with him—or her. It’s okay, just please remember to be comfortable in your skin because it is yours.

3. I am not a tragedy. I stumble more than most. My skin is brittle and poetry is a means of survival, but I am not a failure.

4. Stop making excuses. You know that those people are selfish and you need to run far away from them because in the end they will be okay to watch you suffer.


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