It’s okay

I just want to lead an honest, simple life. I want to freely be who I am which includes me putting my heart out there for the world to share in; And I want it to actually be okay and not in the words of sincerely concerned people- that this is ‘foolishness’ and ‘stupidity’ and ‘naivety’ and ‘ignorance’ and every negative word possible that makes this so damn unfair especially so when one concludes typically, ‘Yes, I understand your kindness.. but honey, the world doesn’t. And so you will get eaten up before you know it.’ I honestly wouldn’t be too hung up about getting eaten up (even if they consumed all of my bones and left nothing behind) if it wasn’t for the fact that I actually want to survive it all in order for me to be able to help these people see that it’s okay to be real, and it’s even more okay to love people and think better of them than they actually seem to be.


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