Segala Kemuliaan


As we go through transitions and changes, our focus on things also meet with transitions and changes.

The past 15 odd months have brought me through a lot of the aforementioned. I’ve been given amazing opportunities to learn about how much I have yet to learn and it has been so humbling. So very humbling.

The past few months I’ve been kinda falling into the mememememememe-state of things. As I started going full swing into this season of my career life, becoming financially independent from my parents and learning How To Adult. God has had His hand over me, providing for me wonderfully. I’m discovering so much of how He is leading me closer to my calling, especially career wise.

And it’s been great.  I’m not dismissing what He is doing in me,  but today I think I just got reminded to not forget what He wants to do through me.

This will be a short post, because I’m technically at work. I just want to remember this moment.

Yesus, Raja.

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